The Present


Starting with… The Past

You can’t get to the present without first being in the past, so we shall start with the past.

In the past I had a lovely little marketing strategy and communications consultancy called Boomba Chicken, where I helped people express themselves. I wrote things for people. I created classes and trainings to help people become more confident presenters. I created winning strategies for business owners.

Then one of my clients decided to hire me full time, and I moved into high-tech cubicle land.

But I had a stunningly lovely and insanely functional web site! So I kept it up and running, mostly for nostalgia purposes. Every now and then I’d take on a new client with a small project, or an old client who wanted to do a followup on work we had done together previously. I was proud of my site and what I had done.

Then I broke it.

Well, technically, I accidentally completely overwrote the directory on the server that held my web site.

And all those backups I had been diligently creating? They apparently did not include the structure of the site… only the content.

Which was basically useless without my amazing customized pages supporting it all.

The Present

Rebuilding my old site would have only been about $600 to my beloved web developer, but I balked. Why restore a site – an admittedly lovely site – for a business that was basically closed?

So now I have a space with which I can do … stuff.

So here is my space for… stuff.