Remember how exciting it was?

Remember how exciting it was?

General Motors has just announced that it is killing the Saturn brand.

I remember when Saturn came out. It was revolutionary. An American car manufacturer was actually going to start manufacturing their cars in America! What a revolutionary idea!!

On top of that, they were going to make them practical. Reasonably sized, made of resilient materials (remember the ads with the soccer ball getting kicked into the side of the car?), and with good gas mileage.

So what happened?

When the first Saturns came out, they hit every single one of those marks, and were a triumph! I remember when a coworker got one and we all went out to check it out… pawing at it, raving about it, kicking the doors, etc.

This guy pulled a Saturn into a parking lot full of BMWs, Audis, Porches, etc, and which car did we all go out and look at? The Saturn.

Over the years GM has done the same thing that everyone else has and has watered down the Saturn brand, message, and eventually the quality as well. Manufacturers use the exact same body, paint it a different color and stick another badge on the back, and suddenly we are supposed to love this “new car”? Really? Srsly?





Watering down your individuality to follow the crowd is a long slow death.

As Seth Godin says, Be Remarkable. Be something that people remark upon. Standing out from the herd also makes you stick out to the predators lurking in the grass, but it also puts you out in front of the sick and lame.

And you don’t want to be lame, do you? 😉