I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the Monkeysphere recently, (properly called, Dunbar’s Number), and I am suddenly seeing references to the underlying concepts everywhere.

Case in point: Musician Amanda Palmer posted to her blog about how little The News intrudes into her life. In the post she asks:

How much of how much do you need to know?

In her post she mentions the DC Sniper, and she didn’t know that it was happening, that they’d been caught, or anything else about the situation. As a resident of Boston, this clearly wasn’t a safety issue for her, so should she have known about it? Did she need to be glued to a TV to get the latest analysis and updates?


Information is readily available to anyone in the first world. Any information on any topic.

Where do you draw the line at what is important to you? How do you find that line? How often do you review/redraw that line? Do you have to get over-saturated before you redraw those lines, or are you protecting your intellect from buzz-saturation?