I am absolutely over-the-moon about Project Sugru and the philosophy behind it.

Haven’t heard of it? Check it out!

Other than the product iteself, the Sugru Blog is amazing… a laundry list of products that have been “improved” with the addition of a Sugru-based hack. A camera with a better grip, a bicycle seat improvement, iPhone headphones that are more comfortable, etc.

In other words, customers who love a product are finding ways to improve it so it works even better.

Let’s rephrase that in a way that the BizDev people will understand: free crowd-sourced product development from rabid fans of the product!

If I made a product… If I were a salesperson for a company selling a product… If I were an engineer working for product development… I know which blog I would start my day with: Sugru blog

Every single day.