trollThis post may seem slightly contradictory to my last one, but I’m OK with that. Life is a complex thing!

Last night my sweetie and I spent about an hour watching movie trailers on iTunes. Everything from “Bringing Up Baby” to “Car Wash Girls” to “Troll Hunter” played on the screen and we talked about which ones we wanted to see and which were duds before they even began.

But there was no way to create my own Wish List of movies I should watch. Or a queue. Or ANY way at all for us to recreate our experience from last night! There isn’t even a History button. Why is that?

We didn’t wind up renting (or buying) anything because we just didn’t have the time to wait for a movie to download, and then watch it. But we would have marked maybe 25 different movies to watch at another time. At somewhere around $4 a pop, that’s some serious money!

You can write this off as an Apple problem, or even an iTunes problem, but this problem exists in a surprisingly wide array of places outside the Apple sphere.

Amazon has just about the worst interface of any piece of software on the planet, but you not only have a way to add something to your Wish List, and see a list of everything you have looked at recently, you also get to see what OTHER people looked at.

How easy is it for someone to buy your product or service?

How can the path someone else has taken through your site be used to inform the browsing experience of another person?

Is there one blog post that people usually read next?

What do your site stats say?

Make it easy for them, and they will return.