To anyone with eyeballs in their head, the music industry is doing it wrong. It doesn’t matter what part of the industry you look at – new artists, radio, music sales, video, distribution, marketing, etc – there is no aspect of the music industry that actually works.

And I thank them for that!

All the factors are there: Pervasive networks (audio, video, and online), a product that irrationally affects people’s hearts, a constant stream of new and old content, and a demographic map that spans literally every single person on the planet.

But in all regards, the music industry fails.

Watching those failures is a very educational way to avoid doing it wrong. No matter what business you are in, there is a Bad Example from somewhere in the music industry.

And the guy dissecting the zombified body of the music industry is Bob Lefsetz of the Lefsetz Letter.

The best part about reading Bob’s posts is that he illuminates the people who are Doing It Right, and then goes into the details of why their method works. For example, his post about Louis C.K.’s new concert video is full of gems.

And that is my two-fold Christmas gift to you: The Lefsetz Letter and Louis CK, “Live at the Beacon Theater“. I hope they both entertain and enlighten you.