Nostalgia033When we build our web sites, when we craft our messages, when we set our pricing structures, we look at other people who do something similar to what we do. Gotta measure up the competition, right? So, after seeing how they have answered those questions, we make adjustments, and then publish our version of the answers to those same questions.

Maybe we come in at a slightly lower price, or offer more features in our packaged products, or go with the same pricing structure as others and simply sharpen the message or narrow/broaden the niche.

Then our site fits in nice and uniformly with the other sites in that niche. Potential customers can then easily weigh our offerings with our competition’s offerings, and make an informed decision based on the same scale.

Oh goody.

That’ll be remarkable. (Not.)

That’ll express your passion and your unique offerings in a memorable and engaging way. (Not.)

Instead, your site, your business, your unique offerings will be lost in the tsunami of similarity between you and your competitors. When I am being washed out to sea in a wave of mediocrity, similarity, and unremarkable options, your offering may stick up above the waves and I may see you… but I’m still drowning.

Be You

Talking with a potential client this morning we discussed his lack of a web site. He had gotten a couple of bids from people on building a fresh web site from scratch… and I was puzzled. If he has not yet developed his marketing message, his strategy, and his voice, how could they possibly bid on the web site? What design will harmonize with his message? What’s his sales funnel look like, if he doesn’t even know what the message or call to action is?

Clearly the developers had simply looked at other web sites for people that had a similar service, and figured his would be the same.

So here’s a radical idea: Be YOU.

There are a gajillion people out there doing what you do. Don’t play their game. You are you, and that is your primary value. Standing in someone else’s shoes simply means your feet now smell like theirs. And when there are literally hundreds of similar people offering similar things, the primary differentiation is you.

Will you vibe with everybody? No. But you don’t want everybody. You want good clients that get what you do and pay on time.

Running along with the pack means you finish in the middle. Unremarkable. Forgettable. Easily confused with others.

Be remarkable. Be yourself.

You are theĀ only person out there that can win that race.