I had an employee in my Elevator Pitch workshop last week! Not MY employee… an employee of a company! Since I usually work with business owners, solopreneurs, and other principals, having an employee in one of my workshops is refreshing. It helps us remember: You are not your company. 

When we started out the workshop and everyone gave their introduction, she started off by basically reciting the front page of her company’s web site.

It is a good business, with lofty goals of helping the downtrodden get justice… but it wasn’t her.

It took some time and some digging, but in talking about other parts of her life, we were able to see a strong parallel between her paying job and the volunteer work she does! They were both similar types of service.

So now, her introduction is about her passion for connecting people with resources and information to help themselves improve their lives. This introduction supports both her company’s mission, and her personal passions.

The excitement and passion that she shows now when introducing herself is infectious! You want to know more about the company she works for because she is so passionate about the work she does, whereas in her original introduction, she was basically reciting a memorized sales pitch for her employer.

And who wants to hear that?!?

So even if you are an employee of a larger organization and not someone with a hoodie and a laptop in a coffee shop, you can be passionate and fired up about what you do, and have an introduction that really engages people with who YOU are… which reflects kindly on your employer as well. A win for everyone!