CJpointsMuch of our skepticism about buying a new product or service is a self-defense mechanism. We don’t want to be scammed. We don’t want to be taken advantage of. We are basically telling a stranger, “I can’t do this. I need help.” and we want to know that they aren’t going to stick a sword through that hole we just showed them in our armor. So here is why your soft spot is safe with me…

My Business Plan

In a nutshell, I want you to pay me $100 on a regular basis for a long time.

That’s it.

Practically speaking, we have an initial meeting where we get to know each other. I learn your business, your motivations, and your passions. I demonstrate my abilities by helping you understand how to express your passions in a business-appropriate way to engage your customers with who you are and what you do.

But my recommendations and ideas – no matter how much you connect with them – will be hard to implement.

You Will Fail

Sadly, our brains are wired to follow the same paths all the time. Habits. Patterns. It’s how we work.

So implementing my ideas and suggestions will be hard. You will trip over obstacles, or fall off the wagon, or bash your knee squarely into that hurdle. Use whatever metaphor you like, but your efforts to change will not be 100% effective the moment you walk out of our meeting.

So when you fall down, I want you to come back to me. Get understanding about why that was hard and how to avoid that stumble in the future, and then soldier on.

Because when we worked together I saw your eyes light up. I saw you connect deeply with your passion and your business in a new and energizing way. And that is the way I want you to wake up every morning. I want you to get up after that fall and continue down this new and shining path. I want you to succeed.

And, I need to pay rent.

How Often?

So how often do I want you to pay me $100? Well, my most successful clients do this on a weekly basis. We have a regularly-scheduled meeting once a week where we discuss their marketing and business challenges over the previous week. (You would be astounded to hear how many “marketing-related” things come up in just one week!)

$100 a week is either $400 or $500 a month.

Maybe you don’t want to do it every week. Only every other week. So call it $200 or $300 a month.

Or maybe you just want to talk on the 15th of every month. That’s $100 a month.

And that is my business plan. We have an initial low-cost meeting to really get to know each other. Then I become your marketing dude, your resource, your check-in, your accountability partner, for … well … for ever, I hope! And each time we talk for an hour, you pay me $100.

So there ya have it.


You can play Blackjack with your cards face up. There’s no reason to hide them.

If your cards are face up and you are showing 15 against the dealer’s visible 9, everyone knows that you are hoping the dealer gives you a 5 or a 6 so you can hit 20 or 21.

But that knowledge doesn’t diminish the game, and it certainly doesn’t affect the next card the dealer pulls. It just makes everyone’s motivations clear.

So now I hope you understand my motivations, my business plan. The whole idea is to have a stable of clients that I get to talk to at least once every month. At some point I could even stop taking on new clients because the group I have are sufficient to provide me a good living, and their businesses are interesting enough to keep me interested and engaged.

My cards are face up on the table.

It is my hope that this helps overcome your initial skepticism and nervousness about hiring me. Now let’s get to work!