The last quarter of 2012 I had the opportunity to work with several really amazing clients. These people were super passionate and fired up about what they were doing, and their energy was infectious! I thought, “How do I get more clients like this in my life?”

From Tiny Seeds…

Then, while researching some small business statistics for another client, I¬†looked at the US Census Bureau’s statistics on American businesses. I was surprised to find that of the 27 million businesses registered in the USA, 22 million of them were sole proprietorships! Owner-operated businesses. Solopreneurs. Non-employer companies.

Whatever nomenclature you use, these were people who had decided to strike out on their own and build their own business. The quintessential American Dream: building something from scratch with your own ingenuity, intelligence, and sheer gumption.

Doing some back-of-the-napkin math I realized that small changes across this particular demographic could have huge results. For example, if all these people just made $100 more a month, they could pay for NASA’s entire budget in about 8 months!

And yet, so many of these sole proprietors feel alone. They sit in coffee shops hunkered over their laptops, or in their spare bedroom on a makeshift desk, and try to do everything themselves. Try to build something of their own. Try to make their own American Dream come true.

If only these people knew that they weren’t alone. That they comprised the largest and most powerful business group in America! What could they do if they saw that the combined effects of their actions could cause a sea change in the US economy?

They need to feel empowered. They need to know that they aren’t alone.

… to a Nation-Wide Movement!

As a workshop leader, a public speaker, and an emcee, my natural inclination was to try and help as many of these 22 million people as possible! After all, these were exactly the kinds of clients I so enjoyed working with back at the end of 2012, so I figured if I got a bunch of people like that in a room together, I could help them all at once.

So after discussing the idea with a couple of key friends, I put together a 1/2 day business-development workshop targeted at sole proprietors. Working alone requires a very different mindset than every other business model. Marketing is completely different. Business plans are completely different. It’s just a completely different way to operate, and that model is not well represented.

Working together we developed a single, cohesive presentation that addressed marketing communications, business planning, creating passive income streams, and then wrapped up with a look at what the future holds, from one of the pre-eminent futurists in the world!

22 Million Strong was born!

We are not alone. We are 22 Million Strong!

Taking this business development workshop on the road in 2013, our plan is to seed “22 Million Strong Communities” in cities all across the USA. Attendees can then join the online community on Google+ and other social media tools, to get help and idea when they need it, and also to support others when they need it.

So this is my big audacious project for 2013.

Please pass the word! We are not alone. We are 22 Million Strong!