About Me

CJbowlerHello! My name is Christian Jacobsen, and Boomba Chicken was the name of my marketing consultancy. I helped people tell their story and engage their customers.

For more than 15 years now I was focused primarily on communications. My ability with words, comfortable and casual demeanor, and ability to distill large complex ideas into something anyone can understand was my passion and my competitive advantage.

When one of my customers offered me a fascinating full-time position for a princely sum, I reluctantly put the Boomba Chicken shingle back in the trunk, and starting commuting to cubicle-land.

I also have my other writing site hosted here, with a wide range of writings… stories, creative non-fiction, memories, etc:

Write With Integrity

BCLogo-forOnlineV3transSo why was my business named “Boomba Chicken”?!?

That’s a good story… let me lay it out for you…

I was on a road trip with four guys many years ago, and during the hubub of conversation between all of us in the car, Bob said something that got all of us laughing so hard, we were gasping for breath!

As we regained our composure and tried to rewind the conversation, we realized that Bob had no idea what he had said that was so funny! Apparently we had all mis-heard what he said, and thought he had said something cool was “totally Boomba-chicken”! We were unable to pick the thread of conversation back up again after the crippling bout of laughter, so we never figured out what he actually said, but our little group had coined a new phrase.

Here are some potential uses of the term to help you get in the swing for how to use it in your daily life:

  • “Dude, that shirt is so cool! It is totally Boomba Chicken!”
  • “This is the most Boomba Chicken sandwich I have ever had!”
  • “Just add some blue to it, and it’ll be Boomba Chicken.”

So there ya go. Something of extraordinary coolness is “totally Boomba Chicken!”